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Lead vocalist and the youngest of the sisters. Is a key songwriter, who also plays flute and piano. Great dancer, Actress and Theatre Buff. Influences - The Andrew Sisters, The Beatles, Queen and anything Musical Theatre.

Our little pixie girl, who plays keys and violin strings. Influences - Bjork, Weezer and They Might Be Giants.

Oh those fingers!
This sassy girl takes the lead on the piano and if you can't see her behind the keys, follow 'The Hat' and you'll find her grooving on the bass guitar! Influences - Beethoven, Ben Folds and Alanis Morisette.

The oldest in the group.
Songwriter, pianist and vocalist. Inspired by the classics, Mazzy Star, PM Dawn, Jewell and more recently Rae Howell.

About the Band
Live on stage Helena takes the lead with her theatrical interpretations. Her delivery is distinctive and cheeky. Maryanne compliments this with her soulful yet delicate voice and harmonious backings. Together Rezzalp` create a sound that is headed in their own direction of pop music which is described as Theatrical POP. The bands' live set includes 3 keyboards and a piano if it's available, violin, bass, flute, vocals, and drums.
Together they compose, arrange, write and produce their songs. Sometimes together and other times separately. Combined they are trained in many aspects of performance, theatre, dance, classical piano and music, their influences begin with the Masters.
But their parents were to blame being very musical, their father played in an Italian Folk Band on piano Accordian and also plays piano and their mother a pianist also. Even further back ironically the great aunts were also in a band. 4 sisters. So I guess it's genetic.

Rezzalp began rehearsals for the group by meeting regularly at Ian Sandercoe's Rehearsal Space at The Old Mill in Ballarat Australia. The groups original material was rehearsed and initially recorded by Ian Sandercoe. Rezzalp performed at the Rehearsal Space Showcase in December 2003.

A brief history on the Rezzalp`... In Oct, 2005 the band were recognised in the Top 10 of ABC Fresh Air, for their song "Animosity" (featured on the preview) and have had airplay across Australia ABC. The band also have been nominated in the Top 5, in 2003/2004 of the National Music Oz Awards, young writers category, and have written music for the Award Winning Independent Short Film, 'The Power of thinking Positive'.

Together the band has made a presence on the live scene in Victoria, on local air and in the press. In 2006 they will be launching and doing shows for their first Independent CD release. During 2006 they will also be continuing their project on a musical interpretation of the play 'A Midsummer's Nights Dream', which they recently received a creative recording grant for, from Mescilato Records.

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